14 June 2010

Ann Craven

It is with sadness that I pay tribute to Ann Craven  who died today.  Many people who are connected to Injustice will know Ann....she has worked hard for many through the Innocent (Oldham) group and I know she will be very sadly missed.  My sympathy and condolences go to Alf her husband and her family...but she will be remembered!!

06 June 2010


Some weeks ago the CCRC told me that they are not going to refer my case back to the Court of Appeal.  Once again I hit rock bottom.  It is so hard to keep pushing forward, knowing you are right...yet to be knocked back again and again. As far as I am concerned what makes this so much worse is the fact for the past 18 years I have never changed my evidence, but the senior police officer in my case has changed his numerous times and been allowed to do so. Inevitably I have constantly put many points before the CCRC on this matter...highlighting the discrepancies in his evidence and requesting they look deeper into various matters. At last they have and now state that the cumulative effect of all these findings regarding this officer would inevitably have an impact on his credibility and he would not be deemed 'impressive' as the Judges at my last appeal stated, but they go on to say despite discovering these failings it has no bearing on my conviction! This I cannot come to terms with because everything in my case from day 1 went thro' this officer and came back via him. His duplicity is perverse. He was the one who breached PACE ...who decided it was not necessary to send various forensic samples for testing from other suspects...who mislead the CPS and CCRC and my defence team about the whereabouts of forensic samples...and the list goes on. So how the CCRC can say his actions are not relevant to my conviction is beyond me.  Obviously I will fight on and am hopeful I can Judicial Review the CCRC decision.  As always I thank all those who continue down this long road with me...your support sustains me.