29 September 2006

Sandra Gregory

'Banged up Abroad' is a new series on Channel 5, Monday evening 2 October at 10.p.m., and will feature my good friend Sandra Gregory. We met in Durham prison after Sandra had been repatriated back to the U.K. from a prison in Thailand.  Her story is  fascinating and we remain staunch friends. Her book about her experiences, 'Forget you had a Daughter', has drawn alot of attention to my case and I shall be forever grateful to Sandra for mentioning me in the book.

08 September 2006

The recent programme

Key Productions were responsible for last nights programme featuring my case. They too have been stressed I am sure with pressures from various quarters as to whether it went out or not. However, it did and I would like to thank John and Trish for their interest in my case and determination to highlight important aspects of the case. Obviously there are far more indepth areas which were not covered due to the time limit but I remain hopeful that maybe something will come from it, or even a lengthier programme could be done in the future?

07 September 2006

Date correction for TV Program

Just a quick note to say that I put the wrong date on the previous blog post. The TV program is on the 7th (that's today!!) not the 14th.

Sorry about that.

05 September 2006

T.V programme entitled 'Murder in Question'

After weeks of deliberation as to whether or not ITV were to go ahead and show my case  along with 3 other cases in a programme called 'Murder in Question' it now looks very likely that my case is to be shown on Thursday 7 September at 11.00p.m.
Seemingly the legal Dept' at ITV felt the programme in its' original form had me as 'definately innocent'! BUT because I still remain convicted they could not allow that, and so certain comments and names had to be removed. Maybe they need to realise I am innocent and if that 'definately' comes through well, what can I say! It is only 24 minutes long and is a brief outline, but I always remain hopeful that any publicity will prick the conscience of those persons who DO know details of what happened on the night of 11 March 1992 when Aunty was brutally murdered, and despite the length of time which has passed, will eventually come forward and speak out.