09 March 2006

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This is quite clever.
You can now subscribe to my blog by filling in your email address below. Then whenever I post a new message on here, you will receive an email telling you about it. Clever hey?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck Susan you are a fighter and hope you get the justice you seek but in this world of corruption and professional inadequacy I do not hold out much hope for your success but wish you all the very best.I have been a victim of abuse by the law and all it's contradictions and have held my head in shame in our community when I was the victim not the guilty it still hurts but people who love me know the truth and as Shakespeare says "Unto thine own self be true." I had no way of proving the law wrong but have held my head high after feeling shame and a breakdown after years of struggling with the feeling of violation but today wish you well with all my heart.Does this Mr Brown work for a firm in lincoln? because I am now in the process of sueing my solicitor his name is Brown and it just rings a bell of the list of incompetance. Good luck once again.

7:43 am  

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