19 February 2006

Paddy Hill Visit

Had a very busy day yesterday. Paddy Hill (founder of MOJO) came from Scotland and of course it is always great to see him. He is such an inspiration and always boosts my morale.

He and I went to Buckley Hall Prison to see Eddie Gilfoyle who is also fighting his case and then we went onto the film team who are making a programme on Injustice. I had already done some work with them and Paddy was filmed yesterday.

Paddy left in the evening en route to various venues he has this week. He gives so much time even now to the work on miscarriages of justice, he is a diamond!


Anonymous Nigel said...

I've just read the story of Eddie Gilfoyle. As far as its justice system is concerned, something IS rotten about this state of Britain!

7:09 pm  
Blogger Susan said...

Nigel is well informed on issues relating to the justice system. He has supported my case and taken a great interest in everything related to it. I thank him for visiting my diary and for his comment. I too believe Eddie Gilfoyle is yet another miscarraige of justice.

3:00 pm  

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