01 February 2004

Health Improvement

I thought I should give you all an update on my health. Although I am no longer on any thyroid medication, I am gradually feeling better. It seems that my thyroid levels have regulated - I go back to the hospital at the end of this month, so I am hoping for a favourable result.

Because of the situation I am in it can often be difficult to fully be sure that I feel okay. Inevitably I regularly feel "drained", but I am sure that is more than likely due to my ongoing struggle to clear my name.

On a brighter note, I have been very interested to read all the reporting on the Angela Canning appeal judgement. Of course much of this concentrates on the tragic events of cot death. However, at long last, maybe further discussions will follow on so called "expert" witnesses in other cases. It is a well known fact that these experts may be under pressure from the Prosecution to "massage" their findings in order to strengthen the Prosecution case.

I also feel strongly that a jury should hear from both an expert from Prosecution and one from the Defence. I was very badly advised pre-trial, that this was not necessary - consequently, my jury only heard Prosecution "expert" evidence! That evidence has now been discredited, yet amazingly, I remain in prison!

Thankyou to everyone who continues to take an interest in my case and for your support

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