01 June 2003

Foston Hall Transfer

Since coming into prison in 1993 I have been told many times by varying prison staff that unless I admit guilt, show remorse and take part in the designated offence related work, then I will never get out of prison. I am totally innocent of the crime I am convicted of and if it means I stay in prison until a court eventually admits my conviction is unsafe - I say so be it - I will not jump through hoops in order to gain my release - even though my heart breaks when I speak to my children.

Parole reports for a life sentenced prisoner normally begin 3 years before tariff expiry date. That time had passed when HMP Newhall began preparing reports for parole. The lifer governor at Newhall and my personal officer both stated that because I maintain my innocence they could not recommend me for open conditions. They did not deem me "safe" to be moved to an open prison!

I transferred to HMP Foston Hall and refreshingly found an entirely different approach. The lifer Governor there said that a prisoner's progress should not be halted purely on the reason of maintaining innocence - an addendum report was done by Foston Hall and I now find myself in an open prison. I am actually suprised, because I never thought I would get to an open jail. The same situation remains though - I am innocent and only wish to be viewed as "me" - I will not participate in any prison "offense" work.

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