22 February 2006

Sandra and I Meet with Key Productions

Sandra Gregory and I spent time last night with John and Trish of Key Productions. Also we were introduced to Graham Cooke, an academic who works along side them as a script writer.

It was a very enjoyable evening and despite Sandra and I getting back to my home before 10.30pm, it was 3.30am before we retired to bed! We just talked and talked and the time flew by.

Hopefully I will met up with Sandra again very soon. I think John and Trish have almost finished their proposed documentary on Injustice, due to be screened in June.


19 February 2006

Paddy Hill Visit

Had a very busy day yesterday. Paddy Hill (founder of MOJO) came from Scotland and of course it is always great to see him. He is such an inspiration and always boosts my morale.

He and I went to Buckley Hall Prison to see Eddie Gilfoyle who is also fighting his case and then we went onto the film team who are making a programme on Injustice. I had already done some work with them and Paddy was filmed yesterday.

Paddy left in the evening en route to various venues he has this week. He gives so much time even now to the work on miscarriages of justice, he is a diamond!

17 February 2006

Almost one year since my release from prison

It is getting close to one year since I was released from prison and I wanted to share what this time has been like for me. Obviously I am delighted to be able to spend time with my children and grand children, but not a single day passes where my thoughts don't go to my wrongful conviction. The CCRC are still examining my case and hopefully looking for a way forward to refer me back again to the Court of Appeal. I may be free from jail but I do not feel free. When you are wrongly convicted it takes over every thing and I am unable to 'get on' with my life still!

I have been fortunate since my release to have quite alot of media interest in my case and I am grateful for that. My campaign group is as committed as ever and we still meet monthly as they always did when I was in prison. Without the support and love of my family and friends I do not know how I would have coped following my release. Prison has damaged me and the fact I am wrongly convicted adds to

It has been difficult getting used to life outside - so much has
changed, maybe I have changed because of all I have experienced?

The recent guidelines issued by Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, following the reviews on shaken baby cases should hopefully go a long way to helping others wrongly convicted on so called expert evidence. I have written to the Attorney General to point out how I was convicted on an expert going way beyond his field of expertise!
Something we have tried to get before the courts many times.

Huge thanks to all my supporters who never waver in their loyalty.
I will give updates on any progress as it comes along.
Thank you all

My Internet Diary

Lots of thanks to Mark Goodwin who set up my web site and is now guiding me through attempting to run it myself! Not an easy task for him when dealing with someone as 'green' as me where computers are concerned!