28 March 2008

Police Corruption

There was a very good programme on BBC Scotland featuring the case of 2 men wrongly convicted in 1995 in Scotland. Mark Daly investigated the case for the BBC and highlighted the way the police investigation was carried out. Evidence was suppressed and vital defence testimonies were altered.....a common factor in any Miscarriage of Justice.  What is significant in this case is the fact the Chief of Police in question is now the subject of a corruption inquiry.  We can only therefore hope that he will be brought to account and it can then be said that the Scottish system are willing to deal with the terrible problem of police corruption which leads to the nightmare of wrongful conviction. It is only when corrupt police are brought before the courts and the mischief identified and punishment metered out, that hopefully this kind of practice will stop!
http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/1/hi/scotland/7314997.stm >

25 March 2008

16 Long Years

It is now 16 years since my Aunty was murdered and I am still weighed down by the whole injustice. This time last year I was so hopeful that a decision would have been reached by the CCRC to send my case back to the Court of Appeal, but to date their investigation is still ongoing.

The programme on my case goes out on 30 March at 10.00pm on Sky and as always I live in hope that it may prick the conscience of those who do know a lot more about the person who murdered Aunty. I also wanted to reiterate my overwhelming thanks to those friends who continue to give their support and remain at my side on this nightmare journey. It does help to keep me positive.