17 May 2008

Jimmy Mizen

It seems amazing that the parents of Jimmy Mizen are able to speak with such fortitude and gentleness about the person charged with their son's terrible murder.  I often wonder how I would have reacted had I not been wrongly convicted and the real murderer of Aunty had been caught and dealt with. I have to say I doubt I could have been as generous as the Mizens....and yet their attitude has to be praised and commended. The obvious reaction is anger, hatred and seeking revenge, but where does that lead?? As Jimmy's Mother points out she is not willing to allow the awful loss they have suffered to destroy her family and of course it could so easily do that. Another family has been affected by all this and they too will be suffering. Although an extremely difficult and painful time for Jimmy's family and friends, the courage shown by his parents is humbling.  Maybe the world would be a much kinder and understanding one if everyone could follow this example?