01 November 2003

Inner Strength

Throughout my time in prison I have done my best to keep fit and well - always dreading the thought of being ill in prison! However, I have recently had problems with an over-active thyroid and was due to have treatment for this at hostipial. The hospital decided not to "offer" me the treatment and I was left "in limbo" knowing I was feeling much worse, yet not being given anything to "level" my thyroid out.

Last week I did feel the full weight of all my years in prison, as though the whole injustice was pressing down on me and burning me out. I was terrified that I may never "get up" again!

For anyone wrongly convicted - you have to find inner strength and draw on that. You wonder how you do it. Where does it come from?

And yet, so much comes from people who care - family, friends and even people I don't know in person, but who take time to send messages of hope, both to me direct and through my website. I just want you all to know, you do make a difference - THANK YOU.


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