15 January 2008


Well here we are entering another year...with hope and optimism as always. Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes and who still show support despite the passing of time. The CCRC seem to be pulling everything together re my case and tell me a decision is imminent. Of course as time goes on, interesting facts surface from other cases and I constantly refer these points to my legal team and CCRC. The latest one being the Omagh bomb trial where Low Copy DNA was criticised by the Judge. Relevent in my case because the same procedure has been used by FSS. It has always been the case that the collecting, gathering and storage of forensic samples in my case leaves much to be desired and it is not good enough to merely use supposition as to results. Something made clear by the Omagh trial Judge. Experts in any field should only give their scientific findings if indeed there are any....and not go further than their remit by offering opinions. The Meadows fiasco is proof of this. I am therefore hopeful that the CCRC will come to a favourable decision and this year I can look forward to getting my case back to the Court of Appeal and finally clearing my name. The burden of a wrongful conviction is horrendous.