19 December 2008


Suzanne Holdsworth was cleared at retrial after spending 3 years in jail for a crime she did not commit, Barri White was cleared after 6 years in prison and Colin Stagg was totally exonerated after Robert Napper admitted murdering Rachel Nickell. All 3 cases show the police in a bad light and as with any Injustice it beggars belief that the cases were not investigated thoroughly and every possible avenue examined.

The media continued to vilify Colin Stagg even after the Judge at his trail had deemed the police investigation using the 'honeytrap' was both illegal and unfair - his life was made a misery despite the trial Judge clearing him. Thank goodness for that particular Judge, Sir Harry Ognall.

Cleveland police never followed up on medical evidence known to them prior to Suzanne's trial that would have shown the baby in question had serious head injuries relating to a time when Suzanne was NOT looking after him!

I despair whenever I read of another Injustice and of course live in hope that very soon I will clear my name. One can always find at least one common factor in any Miscarriage of Justice....I can find many within all 3 cases highlighted.

Thank you