19 December 2008


Suzanne Holdsworth was cleared at retrial after spending 3 years in jail for a crime she did not commit, Barri White was cleared after 6 years in prison and Colin Stagg was totally exonerated after Robert Napper admitted murdering Rachel Nickell. All 3 cases show the police in a bad light and as with any Injustice it beggars belief that the cases were not investigated thoroughly and every possible avenue examined.

The media continued to vilify Colin Stagg even after the Judge at his trail had deemed the police investigation using the 'honeytrap' was both illegal and unfair - his life was made a misery despite the trial Judge clearing him. Thank goodness for that particular Judge, Sir Harry Ognall.

Cleveland police never followed up on medical evidence known to them prior to Suzanne's trial that would have shown the baby in question had serious head injuries relating to a time when Suzanne was NOT looking after him!

I despair whenever I read of another Injustice and of course live in hope that very soon I will clear my name. One can always find at least one common factor in any Miscarriage of Justice....I can find many within all 3 cases highlighted.

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Anonymous Nigel said...

Well, as they say Susan, good things happen in threes! I'd been rooting for Suzanne Holdsworth in particular, and seeing Suzanne being led forth from the precincts of Teeside Crown court and out to freedom, there were two things that shocked me yesterday.

Firstly, the arrogant attitude of the Police in their refusal to admit that, in ignoring the most salient facts (lack of DNA on the bannister, Kyle's odd eyes and unusually large head suggesting a serious handicap etc.) in their pursuit of Suzanne at any cost, they were in the wrong. No apologies from the likes of us, thank you very much.

The second was the questions put to Suzanne by the TV reporters ('...how did it feel to be convicted?...how does it feel to be free?'...etc.). Never mind Suzanne's distraught state, having been through the worst 2 days of her life while the jury were deliberating their verdict.

If the broadcasting media and the Police have one thing in common, it's that they're getting way too big for their boots.

8:18 pm  
Blogger janet said...

In all 3 cases the police are unlikely to be brought to justice. They should receive the same unrelenting pressure that public figures get when they make blunders or act deceptively.

10:00 am  
Blogger Alan said...

As an expatriate, I don't have so much occasion these days to follow the news "back home", but it seems like every time I do there is some similar story going on.

I was in England over the weekend and picked up the Sunday Telegraph which was running a story about the social services pursuing a mother who had seemingly done nothing to her child across international boarders as if she were a terrorist. Having so far succeeded only in completely traumatizing the poor child, they refuse to give up.

Sorry to sound political, but what has this country come to under Blair and now Brown? Somehow the ardor with which the police went after Suzanne Holdsworth and other miscarriage of justice victims smacks of Blair inspired target meeting. It is not a question of left or right / Labour or Tory, but I for one would like to see someone else given a chance to "run things" in the hope that we might see a "kinder and gentler" Britain in 2009. I hope this also includes your being finally vindicated, Susan.

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Anonymous Nigel said...

I can see where Alan's coming from. A reason for what happened to Suzanne Holdsworth is that the Police would have had targets to attain, and when that happens, such niceties as Justice seem to go by the board.

So, let's make Justice an end in itself again!

6:38 pm  
Blogger Alan said...

Just in case you missed this article by John Sweeney... Justice delayed: Kyle's babysitter spent three years in prison for a crime she did not commit

One of the most important contributions of Sandra Lean's book is her list of 12 rules relating to miscarriages of justice. I'm not sure how many apply in the case of Suzanne Holdsworth, but a quick glance tells me it must be quite a few.

I was just thinking when I read the above article, and this seems reminiscent of your case Susan, that another common denominator is the very poor handling of the case by the defense, which allowed glaring errors such as the failure of the police to do a DNA test, to be ignored.

Best wishes for the new year.


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Blogger Scotched Justice said...

Susan, I lost your email address so am posting on here instead.

Big Wullie had an article in Sunday Post 22/2/09, titled "Freed Willie still fighting to clear his name" It is posted in the forum as "Wullie Beck still fighting to Clear his name" http://shirleymckie.myfastforum.org/about314.html

It is a good idea to give these articles some reader feedback and comment. It says it was 21 years but it is actully 28 years Wullie has been fighting.

However, if you could be so kind to thank Craig Robertson and The Sunday Post for highlighting some of the injustice Wullie has endured all these years and let them know you support this fight for justice then it would be so very appreciated.




Thank you in advance

1:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are very sorry to hear your story, it makes us extremely sad. However, you are not the only one to experience miscarriage of justice. We are an action group, we will do whatever we can to help you in your fight and struggle to clear your name. We will support your cause, contact vvac2008@live.co.uk

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