01 August 2008

Barry George

[this message got lost in the post for a couple of weeks]

The right result today, that eventually Barry has been cleared. He now has to face the difficulties of the damaging effects of prison and being wrongfully convicted, it will not be easy. I was disgusted at the statement from both the CPS and the police - yet not surprised. They may not welcome today's verdict but as well as, and rightly so, expressing sympathy towards Jill Dando's family they should also show the same respect for Barry and his family. It was and still is the police's duty to have found the right person who killed Jill ,and had they done that correctly then both families would not have been tortured for so long. I hope Barry can get his life back together now he is free from the confines of jail.


Anonymous Nigel said...

I'm glad for Barry George too, and I hope that he'll get the help that he needs to move on with his life.

But why did the Police behave like a proverbial misguided missile? Too much pressure was brought to bear on them from the media, to "catch whoever did it quickly", when it was obvious (to me!) that the killing of Jill Dando was a professional job, given the enemies Jill had made during her career.

Or is it also that the Police had been given "targets" to fulfill by the faceless people in the Home Office? Anyone - even a misfit like Barry George - would do.

6:54 am  
Blogger janet said...

Well said Nigel

1:46 pm  

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