06 April 2008

Recent programme on my case

Sky T.V and Virgin both showed the recent documentary on my case and I want to thank all those who contacted me, left messages on my blog and the petition on my website. Following the programme I did an interview for Radio 5 Live and have been approached by other media agencies which I apprecaite greatly.  I believe that the programme is to be repeated and I urge anyone who has any information about Aunties murder to get in touch because there are people out there who know more and for whatever reason chose to stay silent. 16 years have passed by, but it is never too late to come forward and the slightest piece of evidence could be crucial to resolving this ongoing nightmare.


Anonymous Karen Torley said...

Crime and Investigation Channel on Sky and Virgin will show the programme
Innocent As Charged: Susan May
Sunday 26 Oct 2.00PM

4:24 pm  

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