19 February 2008

Website back

Just wanted to say thank you to Mark Goodwin who has managed to resolve the problem with my website. As many of you know it has been down for a while - but Mark came to the rescue and we are up and running again.


Anonymous Nigel said...

To repeat what I'd written to you privately, Susan - welcome back to us. And thank you Mark Goodwin, too!

9:39 pm  
Blogger Alan said...

Dear Susan,

The innocent website refers to an upcoming tv program about your case. Any chance of putting this on your website afterwards, with some similar technical help!? (As I seem to remember Steffie did with a BBC rough justice program about Simon Hall.)

I was waiting for the legal tv program, but it never seemed to appear on their website.

Best wishes,


6:29 am  
Blogger Susan said...

Dear Alan,
I will cetainly see if that is possible. My expertise does not stretch to that but I know a man who might be able to fix it.

8:10 pm  

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