01 June 2007

The Shocking Truth about British Justice

Sandra Lean has just published a book entitled 'The Shocking Truth about British Justice...No Smoke' , by Exposure Publishing.  Sandra has dedicated a full chapter to my case and I am very grateful to the comprehensive research she has obviously done in order to highlight the most important aspects of the whole case.  She has managed to get her head around so much of the evidence which exposes how wrong my conviction is.  I would hope that anyone who has an interest in Injustice goes out and buys this book....it covers so much of what is wrong within the system.  Thank you Sandra for all your hard work and I wish you well with the book and any future work you may do.


Blogger janet said...

Thanks for letting us know about this book, Sue - sounds great. I'll order it from Amazon.

12:38 pm  
Blogger Alan said...

Dear Susan,

I'm glad to hear about this book and that it brings up your case. Miscarriages of justice seem to be coming to the forefront at least a little bit. I hope this trend will continue.

Sometimes things have to get worse before getting better and there has been so much emphasis on "cracking down on criminals". However, I do believe this will change in the near future. And I hope you will soon be vindicated.

5:09 am  
Anonymous kt said...

Hi Susan, I'm reading this book at the moment and it's amazing how it challenges prejudices you didn't know you had - it made me think about the last murder trial I reported on (which fitted many of the 12 points in the book and I feel was unsafe) as the barristers put forward evidence that I couldn't really see the relevance of and thought was misleading but thought "well they must know what they're doing - they wouldn't have said it unless it was true" and you end up making wild links to find a reason to what they're saying. But I didn't even realise I had thought this until I read the book and then realised what a dangerous mindset it is! The jury have a blind trust in authority and vague feeling that the police and CPS wouldn't bring it to trial unless they believed in their guilt, without taking into account the pressure to gain a conviction and the fact that a trial is less a search for truth than a game or competition between lawyers.
I really hope the book brings these issues to peoples' attention, everyone needs to question these prejudices and start taking "reasonable doubt" and "presumed innocent" seriously!

7:59 am  
Anonymous Nigel Baldwin said...

I've just visited the Amazon Website, and demand for this book is such that they've only got 5 copies left. Hopefully this is a small straw in the wind that more people than before are seeing that there's something seriously wrong with the system that convicts the innocent on the scale that it does. I think, though, that it was Sally Clark's death last March which (at last!) marked the turn of the tide in public opinion.

12:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Susan

I have just finished reading Sandra Lean's book as my brother has been wrongly convicted of murder and I am floundering about trying to find the right way to help him - the book is a real eye opener but has left me feeling really down as I am overwhelmed by what I am up against, it is truly shocking - you have my complete respect for surviving your ordeal although of course life can never be the same again for you.

3:28 pm  
Anonymous test said...


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Blogger Alan said...

I'm about half way through this book and, before I forget, I just want to record the fact that at this point it is very difficult to understand just how people can be convicted under such circumstances.

1:53 pm  

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