18 December 2006

Tom Stephens' Arrest - Re: Ipswich Murders

I have obviously followed the recent horrific news about the murders in Suffolk. Once again the way that drugs can dominate a persons life has become evident by the explanations from the women who are desperate enough to sell their bodies (the very reason so many end up in prison!)

However seeing the news today that a man has been arrested my first thought was -' I hope he is the right one' - because of course I know how it feels to be wrongly accused and convicted and often the media can act as judge and jury before all the facts are known. This man does seem to have put himself forward as a 'suspect' which could mean he wants to be caught, but it could also mean he merely wants the attention??

What is important is that the real culprit is apprehended and not allowed to slip through the net because this man is deemed guilty too soon.

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If you are new to this site please read this page which is a brief overview of my case. Make sure you read the part that lists the key evidence of the events surrounding the murder which were never brought up at my trial (and the jury were never told about).


Anonymous Nigel said...

Could it be that one of the chief causes of injustices such as yours, Susan, are that the Police seem to be allowed to pursue whatever lines of enquiry that they see fit, and to discount (and not reveal) any evidence that points to any alternative to the received version of events. In effect, it seems that the Police are allowed to a large extent, to be Judge, Jury and Gaoler in their own cause.

One idea that has been floated is that of a system of Investigating Magistrates (as in countries such as France and Germany), who are charged with directing the Police in the ways investigations are conducted, and with holding the Police accountable for their actions - or as in the case of Sion Jenkins, their inaction!

6:57 pm  
Blogger janet said...

I had exactly the same reaction Sue. Whenever there is news of someone being arrested I always wonder if they have been fitted up, as you were.

8:14 pm  
Blogger Alan said...

Dear Susan,

I had a similar reaction. The way the BBC reported the detainment of the first suspect, it seemed as though he was already found guilty, and then they detained someone else. And they even published an interview with the first suspect on their website.

As regards the concept of the investigating magistrate, I can only say that I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with the judicial system in France. They just rejected Denis Seznec's latest attempt to have his grandfather rehabilitated even though the French "parliament" had passed a law especially to allow the case to be reconsidered and if you read his book (I don't know if it's available in English or not), it is obvious that the poor guy was "fixed up" in the most obvious fashion. Also, if you look at the Outreau case, you can see one of the possible scenarios in which the investigative magistrate method goes awry. I really wish there were a better system, perhaps there is.

By the way, Susan, I was very happy to see your posting as I start to worry when you don't post anything for a while, since I imagine your situation is not easy.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

6:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Stephens had a 6 month in depth search of his house, belongings, background and was released by the police, why should he now be dragged into this case, when all the DNA etc, point to Steve Wright. If Steve Wright is found not guilty and released a few years down the line it could all happen again. I think Tom is just a lonely man who turned to prostitutes for some sort of love, he in my opion is not a murderer.

12:11 pm  

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