24 October 2007

Lesley Molseed murder

I hope that this time the police have the right person for the brutal murder of this little girl.. What disgusts me is the way in which the wrongful conviction of Stefan Kisco is being put forward. The excuse is that DNA technology has advanced to such a degree now, that such a mistake could no longer happen! Of course DNA can still be misused. What needs to be said is that the police all those years ago would have known that Stefan could not be the killer because he was impotent. The DID know that and hid the fact that they had 'live' sperm from Lesley which could NOT have originated from Stefan! They fitted Stefan up because it suited them and labelled him in such a way that fitted the profile of a child killer! He suffered terribly in prison. Shame on them. This man on trial now was guilty of a similar sexual offence on a girl only months after Lesley was murdered....WHY ON EARTH did not alarm bells ring at Rochdale police station then?? Why??? because they already had Stefan and it did not suit their purpose to admit how wrong they were!! I hope Stefan, his Mum and Aunty are all looking down on the latest proceedings because along with Lesley's brave Mum and family they deserve that this case be resolved once and for all.


Blogger janet said...

Well said Susan, as ever.
I can't believe they've used the old "of course such a thing could never happen today" claptrap.

1:41 pm  
Blogger Alan said...

I am just reading Sandra Lean's book at the moment and got up to the chapter on Luke Mitchell. It is extremely distressing to read and it should be pointed out that this case only dates from a few years ago. Nothing much seems to have changed. It is indeed very difficult to have faith in the system when one reads about these travesties of justice.

You certainly seem to have come through this appalling ordeal extremely well, Susan.

7:25 am  
Blogger Elaine said...

As you know Sue, the Stefan Kisco case is not an isolated one. The saddest thing is that, until those who are responsible for witholding or falisfying vital evidence to ensure the conviction of innocent people (inc. the negligent defence lawyers who chose not to protest!) are named, shamed and severely punished, then such grave miscarriages of justice will continue to occur. With regards Stefan's case, there should be a public enquiry into how a man could be convicted of such a terrible crime when the evidence clearly showed that it was highly likely someone else had been the killer. As we know, the British justice system needs to be 'cleansed' of those responsible for prosecutorial misconduct, but I fear that 'pigs might fly' before that ever happens.

8:34 am  
Anonymous Nigel said...

In its entry on the sad story of Stefan Kiszko, Wikipedia stated that the family of Lesley Molseed had the basic decency to take back everything they'd said about Stefan - including calls for him to be hanged in public.

I admire them for that.

7:21 am  
Anonymous Nigel said...

I heard a recording of statements outside Bradford Crown Court following Castree's conviction yesterday, in which the usual tributes were paid to and by the Police. Stefan was only mentioned as a passing regret after a reporter goaded the Police spokesman. When the powers that be are proved wrong, it seems that there's almost always an embarrassed silence...

...But as I see it, the Police owe it ALL to Frau Charlotte Kiszko, whose tenacious love for her Stefan was such that she never gave up until her son was vindicated. If she hadn't been the persitant, lovingly obstinate woman she was, Castree would have remained free, Stefan would most likely have died in prison, and none of us would have been any the wiser as to the identity of the actual culprit. What a magnificent lady and a tower of strength this frumpish readheaded lioness of a woman was!! Frau Kiszko at least had the consolation of knowing that her Stefan died a free man.

Her other unique achievement was to destroy what remained of a once-strong belief I once had in capital punishment. On the day of Stefan's successful appeal, I remember his barrister stating: "...Thank God we no longer have the death penalty in this country any more". I had to say "Amen" to that!

Last thursday I paid a visit to Portchester Castle, one of favourite places near where I live, well known for its Norman church within the castle walls. In the churchyard is the grave of William Wyllie, the famous marine artist and of Amy his wife. The inscription on the grave reads: "Lovely and pleasant were they in their lives, and in death they were not divided".

For Stefan, his mother Charlotte and aunt Elfreda, and also for Lesley Molseed and her brother, what better epitaph can there be?

1:36 pm  
Blogger George Coombs said...

Stephen Kisko clearly experienced an appalling miscarriage of justice
and suffered terrible in prison - the jsutice system in this country is a disgrace and not anywhere does one find any semblance of shame

10:26 pm  
Anonymous robert said...

it makes me very sad for stefan a nice person he was god bless him in the 1960s i had the same treatment addmit this and anything to get a convicsion i know first hand how the police work but to day thay can not to late for stefan

4:08 pm  
Blogger robert said...

A damning indictment against the police and criminal justice system
for the way in which poor Stefan was brow beaten into confessing to a murder he did not commit.
Also those schoolgirls who perverted
justice by making false claims against Stefan - for a laugh they said.
I hope they are thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
Stefan you deserved better.

8:06 am  
Anonymous George Coombs said...

The fact is the police have no shame, I am myself a victim of their bullying cowardice and they should be shown up as should the filfthy rotten system they represent - I am myself writign about my experiences and Stefan's case is one of many that shos the system up for what it really is

2:34 pm  
Blogger steven said...

here are some cases just as badhttp://miscarriageofjustice.wordpress.com/blog/

11:46 pm  

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