28 March 2008

Police Corruption

There was a very good programme on BBC Scotland featuring the case of 2 men wrongly convicted in 1995 in Scotland. Mark Daly investigated the case for the BBC and highlighted the way the police investigation was carried out. Evidence was suppressed and vital defence testimonies were altered.....a common factor in any Miscarriage of Justice.  What is significant in this case is the fact the Chief of Police in question is now the subject of a corruption inquiry.  We can only therefore hope that he will be brought to account and it can then be said that the Scottish system are willing to deal with the terrible problem of police corruption which leads to the nightmare of wrongful conviction. It is only when corrupt police are brought before the courts and the mischief identified and punishment metered out, that hopefully this kind of practice will stop!
http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/1/hi/scotland/7314997.stm >


Anonymous Nigel said...

This case (just like your own case, Susan) throws up wider issues. During Northern Ireland's troubles, a slogan was written on a wall somewhere in Belfast. As I remember, it read:

"When those who enforce the law
break the law
in the name of the law
there is no law".

If the Policing authorities are not subject to law themselves, then all we get is tyranny. So, any miscarriage of justice where the Police seek to influence the outcome of the judicial process brings us all that bit nearer to the lawless state.

What price "Law and Order at any price"?

7:33 pm  
Blogger Susan said...

How true Nigel! I find it so sad that the very people we are brought up to trust can use their positions and power to make a complete mockery of the very system we know as JUSTICE!

9:59 pm  
Blogger Alan said...

There was also a very enlightening but saddening article about the IPCC in the Guardian indicated on the Innocent website recently.

It's reassuring to hear that finally one of these police corruption affairs is finally coming to light.

I'm afraid that this kind of problem is much more rampant than one might expect.

I think one of my ancestors was framed for stealing a couple of sheep and deported to Australia, so I'm sure this is nothing new. It's just about time the truth started coming out, as I think it will.

Thanks for posting this article, Susan.

8:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susan we crossed paths in Foston Hall briefly although I don't believe we ever met, is there any chance you could contact me ref current cases and the Foundation?


9:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just watched a documentary about your case and and cried my eyes out. it was so obviously that you are innocent, if it wasnt so tragic, is laughable. im so sorry that this awful nightmare happened to you, you did come across bitter at all but im sure thats possible after all you've been through, and also what your family have suffered too. I hope that i will read your blog very soon and you will say you've been cleared of such an evil crime. Good luck and my thoughts are with you. Katie x

10:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry i have just wrote a comment and i meant "you didn't come across bitter" not you did. sorry typing error. Katie x

10:25 pm  
Anonymous Sarah said...

I've just seen the documentary about you on the Crime channel Susan and my thoughts are with you. I don't believe you are guilty and am horrified that you are still considered guilty!

Regarding Police corruption, not all Police are corrupt. However it only takes on corrupt officer to tarnish the name of every officer past and present.

I believe there were serious problems with the original trial and that your defence solicitor was out of his/her depth and was possibly one of the worst people for the job - however hindsight is a wonderful thing. More a problem (in my opinion) is the fact that because your defence chose not to challenge the prosecution "evidence" then it cannot be raised again in an appeal. That is an incomprehensible part of our law that needs some serious looking at!

I have signed your petition, I only hope it helps.

Best Wishes

11:12 pm  
Anonymous george ferns said...

I too lost some of the best years of my life to police curruption and i am at the age 58 studying criminolgy at university that I may gain the tools to write my awful story. there are hundreds like me but because they are more minor offences and sentences they seldom gain any ear to the grievences done to them

3:28 am  

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