08 April 2008

Programme repeated

'Innocent as Charged' - the recent programme on my case is to be repeated on Sunday 13th April on Sky's Crime and Investigation channel at 11.00 p.m


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived in Royton at the time of the murder and remember the case well. I saw the programme on Sunday, and was shocked at the blatant dishonesty, ineptitude and amount of "covering up" that contributed to your wrongful conviction. I cannot begin to imagine what you have been through, but my thoughts are with you as you fight to get your name cleared. I fully understand that being released isn't enough. God bless you and yours.

5:01 pm  
Blogger Angeline said...

I only got to see the programme yesterday, and I thought it was brilliantly produced and presented. How anyone can even begin to suggest that your convition was "safe" is beyond me - this is such a blatant case of wrongful conviction. I'd personally like to see everyone involved in the web of deceit that built the case against you prosecuted - if the judicial system used its powers properly and rightfully, that's exactly what would happen. You can never have those years back, and no-one, anywhere, can begin to imagine what this has done to you. You have my total respect and admiration for the way you have continued to fight this dreadful wrong. Roll on the day the authorities finally admit what we all know already - Susan May is Innocent.

6:57 pm  
Blogger Nigel UK said...

Wouldn't it be possible to put some kind of link into the Website, so that those of us who haven't got access to Sky can see this documentary?

As I understand, that's what happened with the story of Simon Hall and the innocence project.

8:54 pm  
Blogger Susan said...

As far as I am aware there can be problems with copy write - but I will check this out with Darren from Dreamscope

9:10 pm  
Anonymous Rachel Norton said...

I saw the program last night on Crime and Investigation, signed my signatre on the pattition. I think it is horrifying what you had done to you. I just wanted to add my thought (was a little out of it last night, long story involving getting new teeth in the form of implants, the first stage, and painkillers after it, but definatly got the jist of it) - Have you got the DNA analized on the one blood stain that actually was blood to see if it belongs to your ant or some unknown person? Quite often when using a knife the person can cut themselves if excuding a lot of pressure.

2:28 pm  
Blogger shzworrall said...

Hi Susan, I watched your story last night and was shocked and saddened by your terrible miscarriage of justice. My father was a policeman, and as a child I always held so much respect for the law. I believed in the British Judiciary, and would have felt, as you did, that they can't possibly convict you for something you so obviously didn't do. How do the police who investigated this case live with themselves, knowing they built their case in their own minds and ruined lives? Do you think they now feel any remorse? Do they acknowledge that the low life who did commit this crime was allowed to get away? I think the way this was handled and the behaviour of the police and the prosecution just makes me lose respect for them, and that makes me sad.
I wish you well and hope you are successful in clearing your name, I believe in you.

5:07 am  

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