24 August 2008


For reasons unknown I have been unable to access my blog recently. I was told it was under investigation!!! I did try to post a comment on the successful result for Barry George but obviously that comment did not go in?? However I just wanted to let people know I still await the CCRC decision - the waiting is so stressful, but as long as the decision is positive I must be patient. As always I want to thank all those who continue to send messages of support.


Anonymous Mark said...

Welcome back online!
Crisis over :)

11:40 am  
Blogger janet said...

(Under investigation??)
Keep positive Susan.
The outcome will be good.

1:49 pm  
Anonymous Karen Torley said...

This has been happening to a lot of these blogs for justice Susan.

Could you pass this one around?


I have made a petition too
Its still to be named by the petition site but they sent this in the meantime to access it.


Hope you are well? Kenny ended up back in prison sadly.

Love n hugs

3:00 pm  
Blogger Alan said...

Dear Susan,

I wonder what happened to your blog?

I just came across an interesting article in the Independent. It is not often these days that we hear someone say that It's better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted.

I hope that Professor Zellick's stepping down from the CCRC will not retard your case being referred back to the courts.

Professor Zellick talks about things taking too long, and your wait certainly seems to be a long one.

Best wishes,


4:37 am  
Anonymous George Coombs said...

I have also heard blogs for justice are being "investigated" Susan and, in my prisoner supprt activities I know of innocent people in prison and police corruption being blatantly covered up e.g fabricated statements,confessions under duress etc I 'm sure the waiying must be stressful for you, try and keep positive and strong

6:27 pm  

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