13 June 2006

Paisley students

When you are fighting an injustice there are times when nothing seems to move forward and you can feel very deflated and demoralised.  Then out of the blue something turns up that revitalizes you and lifts morale up yet again.  This week I received an email from one of the Paisley students who took it upon themselves to look at my case, especially the forensic evidence and their findings have been very helpful.  So to hear from one of them again and to realise he (Chris McGrory) is still taking an interest in my case is so refreshing and a much needed boost.  He left his message on "14 years on" in my blog.  The update on the case is the CCRC are still working on various avenues and my solicitor is also pressing ahead with different enquiries, so things are happening and I remain hopeful that I will hear positive news soon.  Thanks to everyone who continues to write, email and offer their support - it does give me strength.