14 August 2012


Here is a link to the programme on the Cardiff Three

BBC iPlayer - Panorama: Justice Denied: The Greatest Scandal?

The Cardiff Three case

 ['Justice Denied: The Greatest Scandal?' produced and directed by Toby Sculthorp was shown on Panorama on BBC1 at 8.30pm last night if it is on IPlayer it is well worth watching.

A 1988 murder led to the conviction of three innocent men. Now 'Panorama' looks again at the role of the police
Tom Mangold, Independent, Sunday 12 August 2012

An excellent programme which highlighted again how we need good investigative journalists to uncover the truth. It would be amazing if the CCRC did this type of investigating....knocking on doors, speaking to witnesses and those involved  from the original enquiry - despite the passage of time.  So many similarities to my case and I would presume to other injustices too?  Watch this space because I hope more will follow on the Cardiff Three case and rightly so. It is only when those involved in corruption - sending innocent people to jail - are brought to account  that maybe we can stem the flow of wrongful convictions!