26 February 2008

The Shocking Truth about British Justice by Sandra Lean

Sandra has asked me to point out that she has had problems with her publisher and anyone wanting to buy the book - which is excellent - can do so by emailing her on : fionlee@tiscali.co.uk

Date of documentary on my case.

The following is a press release relating to the forthcoming programme by Dreamscope TV. My thanks go the Darren and his team who worked hard and researched the case to make this possible.

CLICK HERE to download the press release

Good news for Eddie Gilfoyle

A good friend of mine, Eddie Gilfoyle, has like me been fighting to prove his innocence for the past 16 years. In The Times newspaper 25 February was an excellent article by Dominic Kennedy reporting on the fact that an expert for the Prosecution at Eddie's trial in 1993 - whose evidence helped convict Eddie - now admits he got it wrong! Normally
I would be saying shame on Professor Cantor, but quite frankly I have to give respect to him for speaking out and admitting his trial evidence was wrong. If only more experts would follow suit and admit they went beyond their remit and unfairly placed unproven evidence before the Court which aided the Prosecution!

22 February 2008

New forum for Royton

Mark Goodwin who set up my website has intoduced a website about Royton. Obviously many topics will be aired but he invited me to do an interview and it has certainly generated some debate. The site can be found at ...www.eRoyton.co.uk....maybe some of you will wish to take a look and join in?  You will discover some very varied views on the Justice system and inevitably on my case!

19 February 2008

Website back

Just wanted to say thank you to Mark Goodwin who has managed to resolve the problem with my website. As many of you know it has been down for a while - but Mark came to the rescue and we are up and running again.