24 October 2007

Lesley Molseed murder

I hope that this time the police have the right person for the brutal murder of this little girl.. What disgusts me is the way in which the wrongful conviction of Stefan Kisco is being put forward. The excuse is that DNA technology has advanced to such a degree now, that such a mistake could no longer happen! Of course DNA can still be misused. What needs to be said is that the police all those years ago would have known that Stefan could not be the killer because he was impotent. The DID know that and hid the fact that they had 'live' sperm from Lesley which could NOT have originated from Stefan! They fitted Stefan up because it suited them and labelled him in such a way that fitted the profile of a child killer! He suffered terribly in prison. Shame on them. This man on trial now was guilty of a similar sexual offence on a girl only months after Lesley was murdered....WHY ON EARTH did not alarm bells ring at Rochdale police station then?? Why??? because they already had Stefan and it did not suit their purpose to admit how wrong they were!! I hope Stefan, his Mum and Aunty are all looking down on the latest proceedings because along with Lesley's brave Mum and family they deserve that this case be resolved once and for all.