17 July 2013

Barry George

It is truly disgusting that Barry has been denied compensation.  The excuse given...'not innocent enough', is appalling.  When you have been wrongly convicted no amount of money would ever take away the pain and damage done, but he was cleared and that has to be accepted. It is yet another travesty being served on him by those who put him away for years - he deserves to be compensated for his suffering. 

WHO CAN WE TRUST?? (An article from MOJUK)

Another Fine White Wash By the IPCC

IPCC publishes report of its Lynette White 'missing' documents investigation

[The trial of eight police officers involved in the original investigation into the murder of Lynette White in 1988 ended on 1 December 2011 when prosecuting counsel told the court that four files of documents had been shredded on the orders of South Wales Police senior investigating officer Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Coutts. South Wales Police immediately referred the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission and an independent investigation started on 2 December 2011.]

IPCC 16 July 2013

06 July 2013

Excellent article from The Justice Gap - certainly worth reading