17 July 2013

Barry George

It is truly disgusting that Barry has been denied compensation.  The excuse given...'not innocent enough', is appalling.  When you have been wrongly convicted no amount of money would ever take away the pain and damage done, but he was cleared and that has to be accepted. It is yet another travesty being served on him by those who put him away for years - he deserves to be compensated for his suffering. 


Blogger riggers said...

Absolutely disgusting. We don't have the verdict 'Not Proven' in England. Therefore if someone's conviction is overturned because it was unsafe - i.e. the prosecution's case was not proved beyond reasonable doubt - the obvious conclusion must be that the person, in law, by its own standards, MUST be innocent; it cannot be otherwise. This was a particular piece of nastiness by Jack Straw -I remember its implementation at the time: simply to appease the misguided public who assume that all criminals run rings around the law.

How on earth - in most cases denied the limitless resources of the crown - can someone PROVE their own innocence?

This whole issue needs to be referred to the ECHR - it is a travesty.

6:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have written two letters to the Justice Minister asking for an explanation. Surprise surprise I have not had a reply. A case of the Justice Minister being unable to defend the indefensible?

6:02 pm  

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