24 December 2012


Because of recent 'historical abuse' cases this one shows not all are guilty and we need to treat each case on an individual basis.

 A Fight for Justice - Uday Joshi's Case


LONDON Against Injustice, an organization that supports victims of a miscarriage of justice, has thrown

its weight behind the case of the former Indian cricketer Uday Joshi who is serving a six year prison

sentence for molesting a 13-year old boy in Belfast in 1979.

After hearing the facts of Joshi's case at this month's monthly meeting London Against Injustice's

secretary said:

"Uday Joshi's case contains  number of  unanswered questions and anomalies. This suggests that Uday is

the victim of a very serious miscarriage of justice which is why we are giving him our wholehearted


The backing of London Against Injustice endorses the comments of the Professional Cricketers'

Association's legal director Ian Smith who concedes that it is common for juries to convict in this type of

case on the thinnest of evidence.

"This is a serious problem within the criminal justice system and not just in Northern Ireland," Mr Smith


The Professional Cricketers' Association announced their backing of Joshi's case last week and Joshi also

has the support of many of his former Sussex team mates including former England Test cricketers Tony

Greig, John Snow and Jim Parks who have all expressed concern about Joshi's conviction and sentence.

Joshi's son, Aakash, who is co-ordinating the campaign is delighted with the growing support.

"The speed at which support for my father's case is growing indicates the great concern that people have

about his case. It also shows how seriously people are taking our campaign which will continue to fight

for  my father's conviction to be quashed."

For further information please contact David Bennett 07890071934.

 Supporters include: Tony Greig (Former England and Sussex CCC captain), John Snow and Jim Parks (England and Sussex CCC), John Barclay (Deputy Lieutenant West Sussex, Past president MCC and former Sussex CCC captain), John Spencer (former deputy headmaster Brighton College and Sussex CCC), Les Lenham (A former National Cricket Coach and Sussex CCC).


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