18 May 2012

Sam Hallam

So pleased for Sam and his family.  Of course he should never have been convicted in the first place...but he will need help and support now because prison damages you. The scars will be with him for ever. He has suffered and so have his family, to a terrible degree.  I wish him well and hope they can all find some peace.

Sam Hallam criticises Metropolitan police after murder conviction quashed


Blogger Nigel UK said...

To all those sentiments I say "Amen to that", Susan. Victims of miscarriage of justice, as I understand, get a raw deal in England, for not only was compensation "capped" at a low figure by John Reid, but to add insult to injury, Sam will have the cost of board and lodging deducted from whatever he's entitled to. I gather this doesn't apply in Scotland. So it's not only the CCRC that needs overhauling.

7:45 pm  
Anonymous Janet said...

The CCRC ssems to work ok in this type of case, where the CPS is not contesting it because of the 'due process' issue.

But it's not about innocence or guilt - if you are guilty but can produce the 'due process' card your conviction gets quashed. If you are innocent but cannot do so, you are not referred back.

10:09 am  

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