08 January 2012

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Blogger Nigel UK said...

There seems to be a pattern to public life, in which every year at least one public body or institution comes under the glare of adverse publicity. In 2009, we had the small matter of moats, rubber duckponds, 'flipping' of residences and MPs' miscellaneous expenses. Last year, there arose the revelations of the hacking of the phones of Milly Dowler and other prominent figures by the printed media.

Some within the CPS and the Police seem to think that with two of Stephen Lawrence's assailants convicted and behind bars, they can go on as before as if nothing has happened...but can you hear faint echoes of thunder, as the clouds gather, in the shapes of Eddie Gilfoyle, Kevin Lane...and Susan...?

7:29 pm  
Blogger Alan Sillitoe said...

I hear the thunder approaching. May the clouds gather very soon.

10:52 am  
Blogger paris annereau said...

hi my name is paris, this misconduct perjury corruption and criminal activity from our so called justice system has to end..but sadly they are clearly confident with abusing the law and their evil deeds are perpertrated regulary, i Never thought i would have my son snatched..stolen..held hostage of the state condemmed to serve a life sentence for a murder he never had anything to do with the pain and nightmare never ends i hope i can stay strong like you to fight this miscarriage of justice god bless you im so sorry this happened to you. my son is just another victim and my heart breaks www.justiceforduane.co.uk to be honest words cannot describe the outrage i feel our system is a mafia of organised crime. thats how i see it..i read your case..how can ur appeals be turned down? i have all this to go through god help me and my poor precious boy.

4:57 pm  

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