06 January 2012

Innocent Eddie Gilfoyle

The Times has long championed Eddie's case and the latest article in today's paper again exposes even more evidence which shows Eddie to be Innocent.  I hope and pray that now the CCRC will not allow this to drag on any longer and refer Eddie's case back to the Court of Appeal speedily.
  • Justice and Answers

    Paula Gilfoyle's locked box contains vital evidence against her husband. Where has it been all these years?


Blogger Nigel UK said...

Dear Susan,

I've just made this comment in the Times on line:

"It's like the case of Stefan Kiszko, all over again. When this type of injustice keeps on happening, shouldn't we be asking ourselves, whether or not the adversarial system of conducting criminal trials is really up to the job?"

For all our sakes, including the reputation of the Police, things just can't go on like this.

8:34 am  
Anonymous Janet said...

Well said Nigel!

12:29 pm  
Blogger Alan Sillitoe said...

It looks as though you have to be a paid subscriber to view this article or am I mistaken?

10:22 am  
Anonymous Tim Ashbee said...

I try to respect the police but in reality there are just a bunch of lazy, bullying dimwits who try to be detectives when they can't even open their tiny little minds - Educate officers on the street not in universities and training seminars!! This whole case sounds like a Monty Phython sketch, although its not. Its a loving innocent womans life. So many holes in this case even a blind man can see. Justice?!!??!

7:40 pm  

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