02 December 2011

Cardiff Three

Satish Saker, guardian.co.uk, Thursday 1 December 2011

Why does this not surprise me??  It is diabolical that in any proven miscarriage of justice those who conspired to fit the evidence around the wrong person(s) are never brought to task. To be wrongly imprisoned is horrendous and it is not about 'revenge' but wholly about justice.  How is it that here in this case a 'fair trial' could not be held because of 'missing' and 'destroyed' evidence, yet most miscarriage of justice evidence is 'lost', 'destroyed', manipulated, corruptly re-written.....but the conviction remains despite this??  It is surely far too convenient to comprehend that the necessary evidence needed to run this trial was inadvertently destroyed!!  Certainly I see parallels with my case and I am sure so do others who have been fitted up by corrupt police. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you say Susan - to be expected. It's typical, and what I shout on every blog about our legal system every time: the Crown NEVER prosecutes it's own witnesses, after it is obvious that they have perjured themselves or otherwise perverted the course of justice. And yet, time and again, you'll see the typical, blinkered general public come out with the usual tabloid trash: "The system is weighted against the criminal"; "We have the finest justice system inthe world"; "There's no smoke without fire" and so on and so on. And even now, there's a debate going on on MSN about whether capital punishment should be re-introduced!

Only in Great Britain could the general public be brainwashed enough, surely, to petition the government to allow it's corrupt legal system to to murder them.

All the best - keep on fighting,

Keith Rigby

9:42 am  
Blogger Nigel UK said...

During the time of the troubles in Northern Ireland, this item of graffiti appeared on a wall in Belfast:

"When those who enforce the Law
break the Law
in the name of the Law,
there is no Law".

It seems to me that the logical outcome of turning the Nelson eye to abuses of power on the part of the Police is to open the path to the Lawless State, a la South Africa during the Apartheid years, or Argentina under the military junta. We have been warned.

11:16 am  
Blogger Didaktylos said...

So the only people who do any prison time over this are (some of) the witnesses who were brow-beaten into endorsing the police lies.

12:19 pm  
Blogger Janet said...

I was disgusted but no surprised when I heard this news. Absolutely diabolical.

10:30 am  
Anonymous Christy Walsh said...

Susan maybe the Prosecution Service might be brought to book yet for mailicious prosecution!

The NI Courts have set 24 January 2012 for full hearing of my case against the NI Justice Minister (and indirectly the Prosecution Service).

My name is Christy Walsh and for 22 years I have been trying to clear my name of a crime that I did not commit. I was convicted in 1992 by a non-jury Diplock Court; where the pre-trial process involved denial of access to a lawyer after my arrest and no right of silence during interrogations. Despite being presented with signed copies of my statements made during interrogations the Diplock Judge, John Petrie, convicted me for remaining silent as his "main criticism".

In January 2002, the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal, having found my conviction to have been 'unlawful', then revived it on entirely different grounds. In 2010, another Court of Appeal then found the revived conviction 'unsafe'; observing that I am "a person of previous good character". Soon afterwards, the Justice Minister, David Ford, MLA intervened to revive the malicious prosecution case against me and he continues to do so. The following Dept. of Justice internal advisory seemingly reflects the Justice Minister, and his Dept.'s, concern is that my innocence might expose other injustices, as follows,

“He also refers to his previous (mistaken) suggestions that we regard him as guilty…” ... "If Walsh's application succeeds it may gain a higher profile and raise questions over other convictions."

In March 2010, before leaving the Court of Appeal, I took one of the Prosecutor's files with me. I now hold in my possession indelible evidence of serious impropriety within the NI Public Prosecution Service which are the basis for the Justice Minister's concerns as expressed above. The solid and overwhelming facts place the Prosecution Service closer to the object of crime than they ever did me. For a modest sample of the quality of evidence in my possession see, http://www.christywalsh.com/theprosecution.html

Christy Walsh

5:51 pm  

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