23 March 2011

Sheffield University. Official opening of Bartolome Lodge, School of Law

Obviously as I have said before it is great that more Universities are getting involved with Innocent projects. Michael Naughton, Senior lecturer at Bristol Uni' founded the Innocence Network UK  and their work has been recognised so much. It is a fact that we need such projects because the system is fraught with so many difficulties and the CCRC seems to be under scrutiny.  However on Friday 25th March there is an official opening of another  Innocent Project which will allow law students at Sheffield to investigate alleged miscarriages of justice.  I have been invited to speak at the opening and look forward to meeting those who have been responsible for this venture.

It was great to see Eddie Gilfoyle speaking at the House of Lords yesterday.....he knows I wish him well.   http://tinyurl.com/64ts8e3


Blogger William Beck said...

Good luck and best wishes Sue.

I am sure the students will be entranced and facinated when you speak about your case and experiences

We all know just how Innocent you are.

Wullie Beck.

8:51 am  
Blogger Nigel UK said...

The coming of a new generation means a new view of your case, Susan. The truth can't be held down forever...

7:47 am  
Blogger nola said...

This is great news Susan.
And thanks for the link about Eddie Gilfoil, that's amazing.
Janet Goodwin xx

8:37 pm  
Blogger jpreston432 said...

I've just had the privilege of meeting this incredible lady.Susan Who gave me back the inspiration to fight the justice system to prove and clear my husbands name of a crime he never took any part of And no that susan will bring a ray of light to the students of the kind of law which her self and people like my husband have experienced is a law onto it's self with no right or wrongs Susan has proved that no matter what the outcome of a trial may be if you are innocent you never give up or give in

1:48 am  

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