06 June 2010


Some weeks ago the CCRC told me that they are not going to refer my case back to the Court of Appeal.  Once again I hit rock bottom.  It is so hard to keep pushing forward, knowing you are right...yet to be knocked back again and again. As far as I am concerned what makes this so much worse is the fact for the past 18 years I have never changed my evidence, but the senior police officer in my case has changed his numerous times and been allowed to do so. Inevitably I have constantly put many points before the CCRC on this matter...highlighting the discrepancies in his evidence and requesting they look deeper into various matters. At last they have and now state that the cumulative effect of all these findings regarding this officer would inevitably have an impact on his credibility and he would not be deemed 'impressive' as the Judges at my last appeal stated, but they go on to say despite discovering these failings it has no bearing on my conviction! This I cannot come to terms with because everything in my case from day 1 went thro' this officer and came back via him. His duplicity is perverse. He was the one who breached PACE ...who decided it was not necessary to send various forensic samples for testing from other suspects...who mislead the CPS and CCRC and my defence team about the whereabouts of forensic samples...and the list goes on. So how the CCRC can say his actions are not relevant to my conviction is beyond me.  Obviously I will fight on and am hopeful I can Judicial Review the CCRC decision.  As always I thank all those who continue down this long road with me...your support sustains me.


Anonymous Hannah said...

Hi Susan

I was watching your story on the crime channel this morning and was really saddened to hear what has happened to you. Have you ever visited a physic medium to see if they can help you with your case. Im not sure if you believe in life after death but maybe someone like Colin Fry/Sally Morgan/ who is a famous medium. He was on a programme called physic detectives may give you some comfort or help with evidence to show your innocent.

10:40 pm  
Anonymous Karen Torley said...

Oh Susan

I know how hard and long you have fought to prove your innocence. This is yet another setback on the rough road to justice for you. Nothing seems to come easy does it?

Keep strong as I know you will. I still remember all the love and support you gave to me and to Kenny while you were still in prison yourself for a crime you did not commit. You were then and still are an inspiration to me.

Take care and I hope to talk to you again soon.

Love Karen xx

9:25 am  
Anonymous Karen Torley said...


Have you tried the innocence network?

I hope you are feeling better after your illness.

K x

10:42 am  
Blogger Susan said...

Sandra Lean
to me

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Hi, Susan

I tried to leave a message on your blog, but it refused to recognise me! I just wanted to say I am so sorry to hear this - it really doesn't make any sense. How they can keep refusing to see what's right there in front of them is beyond me. It is absolutely shameful - presumably, they think we're all too stupid to see what's going on!
You have put up an incredible fight, and your strength and courage to keep on battling is an inspiration.

Sending my very best wishes


12:06 pm  
Blogger nola said...

As always Susan, you explain eloquently what an absolute fiasco the CCRC judgement is. The discrediting of the senior police officer dealing with your case has not prompted the CCRC to send you back to appeal - ridiculous!

3:15 pm  
Anonymous Nigel said...

When I read your blog entry today, Susan, it made me think of a story of Albert Einstein, who in the Germany of his day committed the unpardonable crime (even before Hitler came to power) of simply being a Jew. Those in power thought it necessary to discredit Einstein's theory of relativety, to the extent that 20 or so "scientists" were brought in to disprove it.

At this, Einstein laughed out loud, saying: "...Were I wrong, just one scientist would have been enough". My point is, Susan, that no matter how many people think you're guilty or that the World is flat and not round, the truth about what happened to your Auntie will always be the truth - and as you say, you've never deviated from it.

So, the more these people obfuscate, and twist and turn, the more evident it seems to be (and I'm sure to a growing number of people) that they're covering up for something.

10:13 pm  
Blogger Alan said...

Hi Susan,

I happened upon a newspaper article about the CCRC's refusal to refer your case a few weeks ago and thought to write to you about it, but I couldn't think of what to say under the circumstances knowing what a blow it must have been.

Nigel sums up my feeling in that we all know you are innocent whatever the courts do or don't do. Nevertheless, I really wish that would have the courage to take up the case and vindicate you officially.

12:47 pm  
Blogger robert said...

hi susan,
i cant believe how such a miscarriage of justice can happen. it doesn't bare thinking about how you have coped being in prison for so long knowing that you are INNOCENT, i can only say you are a very strong woman and keep up the fight to clear your name

8:09 am  

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