08 October 2010

Article by Bob Woffinden

Bob Woffinden has recently placed an article on my case in Inside Time...the prison newspaper. Obviously because the role of the CCRC is being questioned by many, including campaigners, criminal practitioners, academics and applicants it is hoped that because of the growing dissatisfaction we can lobby the Government into reviewing how the CCRC works.


Blogger Alan said...

Hi Susan,

Great article, as always, by Bob Woffinden. I'm really sorry about the CCRC's recent decision not to refer your case. It's unbelievable how blind our justice system is. The police often seem to target family members and they seem to be able to push through guilty verdicts against all logic. And it seems nigh impossible to get the convictions overturned.

There is a "cause célèbre" in France called the Seznec affair, in which Denis Seznec has spent a good part of his life trying to clear the name of his grandfather without success. There was even a change to the law, I believe, to allow the "Cour de révision" to examine the case, but they refused to overturn his conviction citing a "lack of new evidence", although any reading of the affair shows that he was innocent.

I wonder if the present Conservative / Liberal government offers any hope on the horizon of judicial reform? They seem to be mainly interested in spending cuts at the moment. Do you indeed have the possibility to "judicial review the CCRC decision" as you mentioned?

All the best,


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