10 December 2011

Do judicial procedures obstruct miscarriages of justice from being overturned?


This campaign attempts to outline justifications for a review of current judicial procedures regarding the criminal justice system and purported miscarriages of justice. It attempts to illustrate how a department and its procedures impact upon the actions of another. One of the key issues addressed is that of the rules of disclosure. In specific instances where it is purported there has been a miscarriage of justice this process has not been addressed adequately, thus causing the search for the truth in an adversarial system such as ours to obscure the real issue of innocence, in addition to other issues such as police misconduct. This campaign does not request the Home Affairs Select Committee to address the guilt or innocence of a particular person or to intervene in the judicial process, but to review the procedures undertaken by specific government departments:

Don't Let it Be You!, our campaign for December 2011

Jeremy Bamber, Susan May and Eddie Gilfoyle have written attached document which is being submitted to the Home Affairs Select Committee. It is about how the judicial system as a whole obstructs those who are wrongly convicted from obtaining documents whether they are under Public Interest Immunity or simply denied to the Defence. It also calls upon the Committee to review the processes of the Ministry of Justice departments including the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Police and Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) because these bodies simply do not operate effectively owing to underfunding, organizational restrictions, political agenda, incompetence and in some cases corruption.

If after reading 'Do judicial procedures obstruct miscarriages of justice from being overturned?', you are minded to support the campaign, simply print it off, and send it with a brief covering letter stating that you support the submission to:

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, Committee Chair
Home Affairs Committee
House of Commons
7 Millbank
London SW1P 3JA
Telephone 020 7219 3276
Fax 020 7219 2744


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