15 December 2011

INUK campaign for the reform of the CCRC

  We have to at least have a review of the only way back to Court of Appeal which is the CCRC…in the past the PCA was replaced by the IPCC because it was seen to be failing…critics would even say now that the IPCC needs examining!! Any body like these has to be subject to scrutiny.  The CCRC are not only second guessing how the C of A  will view a case, but how the C of A viewed it previously….this should not be their priority, the whole case needs to be considered even if fresh evidence has been identified…they must look at the full picture, everything is relevant.



Blogger Nigel UK said...

It seems to me that the CCRC is not only not being given the tools it needs to do the job, but is being hampered by politicians more keen on grubbing for votes and headlines in the tabloids, than on putting right miscarriages of justice. Inasmuch as it has a role, has the CCRC become merely a fig leaf for ministers?

7:46 pm  
Blogger atul said...

I grew up with TV documentaries which highlighted miscarriage of justice. Now all we get are documentaries following the police around.

Bring back Investigative Journalism

9:12 am  

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