08 May 2012

Guardian news

My thanks to Eric, Helen and the Guardian for their research into this and for the article in today's paper.  I just hope it pricks the conscience of those who do know more about Aunty's murder and despite the length of time which has gone by, they see fit to come forward with any information which could help.


Blogger Nigel UK said...

Even though I'm acquainted with the facts of Susan's case, I find the latest revelation shocking. If George and Julie Cragg's version of events is right, doesn't the detectives' attempt to get George Cragg to say he was driving a red Ford Fiesta instead of a white Ford Granada amount to a conspiracy to divert the course of justice? Surely that would then be enough to get the whole rag bag of the Crown's case against Susan thrown out.

7:01 am  
Anonymous Janet said...

You're right Nigel, hope the CCRC take note. It really is an excellent article.

8:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article and should help enormously... but it's taken all these years for this to come out.
Why did this witness not approach the press years ago? How could he live with himself?

The police lied - whatever next ???

I wonder when the great British general public will open their eyes and realise that, amongst the majority of well-meaning and professional police officers, are a significant number of incompetents, and every officer - even the good ones - will lie or at least slant their evidence, on oath, if leaned on to do so by their fellow officers, in order to build a case against someone where there is a huge amount of doubt, if it means furthering their own careers.

When will they realise that far from the system being weighted in favour of the 'crimnal' (i.e. defendant) it is in reality almost impossible for a person to prove their innocence, once they face a jury whose mindset is "well he/she wouldn't be on trial if there was nothing in it" (or there's no smoke....)

Thank God capital punishment was abolished - and this should be a huge warning to all those who favour its return.

That the police will blatantly encourage witnesses to lie is no shock to me - but it will shock many people, no doubt.

Looks like you're finally winning this one Susan... only a matter of time now, surely.

All the best,


8:55 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every day that passes brings you a step nearer to Justice Susan. It's beyond shocking that you were ever suspected of this dreadful crime - that you were convicted is a travesty. You're a lady of enormous courage and dignity and you have more than earned the right to be called Innocent in a Court of Law.
Sincerely, Lorna

3:01 pm  
Blogger Nigel UK said...

It's not only the establishment of Susan's innocence and the proper apportionment of guilt that I want to see. The conduct of the investigation into the case makes radical reform of the Police's investigatory process essential, so as to keep authority properly accountable.

10:34 pm  
Blogger Alan Sillitoe said...

Sorry for my ignorance, Susan, but what exactly does it mean by "Now, with the evidence supplied by the Guardian about Cragg's claims about the meeting and other new material, the commissioners have invited her to resubmit her claim."? Does this refer to the CCRC? I really hope this "nut can finally be cracked".

4:42 am  

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