01 May 2004

Forensive Students' Paper

Each year when the 5th May comes around, inevitably it is a very difficult time for me. Really my year does not begin on 1st January - but on 5th May and each passing year the pain of my wrongful conviction gets worse.

I do not believe many people have fully understood the forensics relating to my case - Judges certainly have not taken the time to look at the catalogue of errors or what the forensics tell us and of course this evidence is crucial.

However, students studying forensic science at a University in Paisley in Scotland have totally understood. They used my case for a paper they were doing and have produced an excellent document.

I am so very grateful to them - as I read it, I thought "at last", this is exactly what we have been saying for all these years. I am hopeful the hard work the students have put into this can now be used to help provde my innocence. I say a Big Thankyou to these forensic science students who I am sure will have great careers ahead of them.

Yet again "Hope" comes alongside and renews my faith that the truth will out.


[My handwritten original - click here]