16 September 2007


I am appalled at the media frenzy to label the parents of little Madeleine MacCann 'guilty' when no concrete evidence is available. Only they know the true facts and to date nothing substantial has been brought forward to make us think that Madeleine was not abducted. It is far too easy, as I know well, to conduct trial by media and this can be so damaging. Imagine the horrors those parents are going through if this is a case of genuine abduction! People should focus on the definate issues which surround this case and stop speculating.It is also wrong, as reported in the media, that this would not have happened had this case been investigated by British police. From the situation that I am in I no longer trust the police or the British Legal system and so I would hope that the McCanns will ensure any process taken by British forensic laboratories is scrutinised thoroughly. DO get Professor Alex Jefries on board. Let us concentrate on a missing little girl, refuse to read the highly emotive speculation of the Portuguese authorities and hope that Madeleine is eventually found....alive and well. Do NOT believe all that you read in various newspapers!!