01 October 2004

Hope from the CCRC

Well, October is upon us. The Autumn and a reminder that yet another year is passing by.

There has been quite a bit of activity from the CCRC and my hopes and expectations have risen once again. As always, these things will take their time and apart from continuing to go over…and over…all the pertinent points which I believe are crucial to my case and relaying again and again these points to those who are working on my case, I can only wait and be patient, forever hopeful.

Running alongside the efforts to get me back to the Court of Appeal is the Parole Process! I never thought I would still be in prison at this stage and really have no interest in ‘Parole’ as such. Obviously the prison has to do their job and I appreciate that. I have never worked towards getting released by ‘Parole’ and therefore cannot predict its outcome. It will not be unconditional and therefore were it to be granted, I would have to see what conditions were laid down because I will never compromise my position as an innocent prisoner, merely to gain release. As time goes by, all this gets so much harder

The letters I receive and messages of support via the web help so much. Thank you for your interest, for caring and for being there in my ongoing struggle.