01 December 2003

Hope will return

I was overwhelmed by all the lovely cards I received for my Birthday - thankyou. I so appreciate all the wonderful messages - gifts and flowers.

Another year draws to a close - it brings with it an odd, despondent feeling. Throughout the year(s), I have constant hope that any day the breakthrough news I so long for will come, however at ths time of year you have to reliase that everything related to the justice system starts to wind down - even stop and you know for a fact you definately will not hear of that necessary progress until, at least, the following year. And so it goes on - "HOPE" will resurface in January 2004!

For anyone at all interested in prisons - the system in general - I recommend you read "Prison Gate" a book written by Sir David Ramsbottom, the ex-Chief Inspector of Prisons. It really is a true account of the failings within this system. I was fortunate enough to meet Sir David on a number of occasions and I had written several letters to him. He always responded and was very attentive to any comments about prison. If only the Government would act upon all the recommendations Sir David made.

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