09 September 2009

Michael Shields

Very pleased to hear the news that Michael has been released.  Inevitably I think that now Jack Straw will be inundated with similar requests to look exclusively at an individual case? I for one would certainly like to sit down face to face with Mr Straw to show him the evidence which wholly supports my innocence. I will not be alone because within our jails are innocent prisoners, some still inside way over the recommended tariff yet struggling to get our justice system to take notice.  Duncan Campbell (guardian.co.uk) has just written an excellent article relating to this. I hope Michael can adjust to life outside now and look forward because of course it is not easy.
Mr Straw will be hearing from me although in the past I have sent numerous letters to him about my wrongful conviction and also about prison conditions from the various jails I was in. It will be interesting to know exactly what information the family gave Mr Straw when they met privately which in turn allowed him to do this U turn on his previous refusal to release Michael. However - a happy day for the Shields family who have to be praised for their excellent campaign.