10 March 2006

14 Years On

This coming weekend, the 11th / 12th March, is 14 years since the awful murder of my Aunty. It seems unbelievable that still we do not have Justice for Aunty and the fight to clear my name remains ongoing.

My life has changed so much over these long years. It is dominated by the legal wrangles I have to pursue and has totally altered my perceptions of the whole criminal justice system. I am committed to carry on the fight for as long as it takes and as always I am so very grateful to all my friends, family and others who continue to stand by me and give their support.


Anonymous Nigel said...

Such a shattering loss - yet not all is loss. On the way you've made such inseparable friends - that's surely gain.

I've made a mental note to light and say a prayer for your Aunt this Sunday before Mass, and I'll also say one for you too, Susan.

6:37 pm  
Blogger Susan said...

Thank you Nigel and as you point out I have made some wonderful friends along this road I have travelled since this nightmare began. The 11th March would also have been my lovely Mum's birthday. Mum died 5 months after I was sent to prison and knew full well I had not done this. Her and Aunty were very close and she was broken hearted not only because of Aunty but because of what followed - me being both accused and then wrongly convicted. They were 2 marvellous ladies and I miss them so much.

10:08 pm  
Blogger Yonner said...

I didn't know your Mum or Aunty but that was a powerful tribute

11:17 pm  
Anonymous Nigel said...

That's what doesn't make sense about this entire case. You, your Aunt and your mother were (and always will be) so close to each other, that any form of harm just wouldn't come into the equation - leave alone murder.

So what were the Police thinking of at that time? A need to fulfill performance targets? Pressure from the tabloids? Or (as I'm beginning to think) covering up for someone?

10:40 am  
Blogger Susan said...

Inevitably and rightly so with any serious crime, the police are under pressure to solve the case. However it is a fact that they sometimes become blinkered and once they see a way forward by accusing the wrong person, they then neglect to assess ALL the evidence in the case - and when that happens crucial evidence which points to other suspects is'lost' or 'buried' and the person who was responsible is not brought to justice! I have always said that the worst part of any injustice is what happens post conviction when the wrongly imprisoned person begins the fight to clear their name. It is shocking to witness the lengths the police will go to in order to sustain that unsafe conviction! When vital paper work relating to the case is mysteriously lost and when original documents are actually rewritten AFTER conviction - one has to ask the question WHY?? It seems that their reputations and future prospects are more important than allowing the truth to surface by admitting they were indeed wrong. Whenever a person is wrongly convicted the very worrying fact is that until this is righted then the real murderer remains at large!

3:27 pm  
Anonymous Chris McGrory said...

Hi Susan

My name is Chris McGrory, not sure if you remember me but I was one of the forensic science students from Paisley Uni that looked into your case a couple of years back. It's been quite some time since I visited your website so I thought I'd come and find out how you're getting on. I'm glad to hear you're still fighting your cause.

I hope you find justice. . . and peace of mind. . . soon!


7:27 pm  
Blogger Susan said...

Thank you Chris for revisiting my site. The legal wrangles go on and I get so frustrated knowing how much evidence we have to prove the conviction is wrong, but we are constantly held back by red tape and the protocol which rules the Appeal system! I feel I cannot move on with my life until the battle is won - it dominates my life despite me being out of prison now. However, I will press forward and believe me the work you all did at Paisley will be part of a future appeal. If you are still studying I hope it is going well.
Best Wishes

7:48 am  

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