01 January 2002

About Me

I am Susan Hilda May, a very ordinary woman. I was brought up to trust the police and I am sure that I trusted the whole system. I was foolish to do so!

My mum and Aunty were my life, along with my 3 children. Mum lived with me - Aunty lived alone but I went 3 times each day to check she was okay and to take her meals. I think I needed to see Aunty as much as she looked forward to my visits. She was a pleasure.

Mum went each weekend to stay with Aunty, but I would still go several times during the day. My children would also pop up to see Aunty and they enjoyed it when Aunty came to our house for tea. I suppose my life was centred around caring for my children, Mum, and Aunty. I got great pleasure from all this.

I can honestly say that I do not think I have dealt with the horror I came upon that morning of 12 March 1992. I went as I always did to check Aunty was up and about - the scene I found was horrendous. It was traumatic and devastating. I understood that because I was the last person to see Aunty, and I discovered her battered body, the police needed to speak to me. I wanted to help them all I could. I trusted them!
I was unbelieving when 18 days later I was arrested - for Aunty's murder! Still I believed they would realise they had made a terrible mistake.

That was 10 years ago - and I know the police manufactured evidence - perjured themselves (on oath) at my trial and subsequent appeals! Interestingly enough - changing their statements at each event!!

I attempt to still have faith in British Justice - but find it very difficult to understand how some judges can dare to say my conviction is safe after all the compelling evidence put before them.

I am fortunate to have numerous people outside prison, who have digested my case and are also disgusted with the workings of the system.

I have always said my fight is not with the Prison Service - but I am struggling to cope with prison life, knowing I should not be here.

Please, if anyone has information about Aunty's murder, come forward. Being imprisoned for a crime I did not commit is unbearable...

If the above image fails to load, the text (in Susan's own hand) reads:

"Yes I want justice - but most of all I want it for Aunty. She was a wonderful caring lady who had never had a day's illness - she did not deserve to have her life ended in this awful way - She deserves your help!

With Love and Thanks,
Susan xxx"


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